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Welcome to The Welder Shop. Here you will be able to find some of the best deals on welders and welding supplies you can imagine. Find deals on a large variety from top of the line commercial welders to cheap welders for hobby use.

Welding is a method of joining metal parts by fusion. This is done by melting the pieces metal until a molten pool forms then a filler material is added to bind the pieces together. There is a very wide variety of different types of welders. Some of the most common types of welders are laser welders, electron beam welders, friction welders, electric arc welders and gas welders.

An arc welder creates an very hot point of energy by using an electric arc. This heat melts the metals, binding them together at the point of contact. The most common types of arc welders are, metal inert gas welders, or MIG welders, and tungsten inert gas welders, or TIG welders.

A MIG welder has a wire feeding mechanism that feeds a consumable wire electrode into the weld joint automatically. At the same time, a shielding gas is released to protect the weld from the oxidizing effects of oxygen. A TIG welder has a tungsten electrode which the arc is created from, because tungsten is such a hard metal, it is not melted, so a filler metal is hand fed into the welding pool.

Welding is very dangerous, if the right safety measures are not followed. The risk include, but are not limited to, electric shock, severe burns and overexposure to ultraviolet light. This is why is essential to always wear a welding helmet when welding. Welders must only work in an area that has adequate ventilation, otherwise they risk exposure to toxic fumes. When welding, it is advised to wear fire-resistant clothing and fire-resistant gloves. A welding mask, with the correct strength UV filter must always be worn to protect the eyes and face.